Afternoon Break Suggestions:

*We have several suggested activities listed below and you will need to make arrangements for these activities prior to coming to Beaune and pay for them separately.

Lead with Love France is a unique offering carefully curated by locals Gaia Dancy and Diana Seysses and by Gina and Jerry Murdock who have spent over a dozen years learning the region and falling in love with the people, place + food and wine. It truly doesn’t get any better than this for world class road biking through the historic villages and vineyards + tasting flavors rich with the expressions of these storied hillsides home to the best vineyards in the world. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the unique beauty and culture only found in this region where for generations people have been caring for the land, plowing fields still with horses, and carefully selecting only the best ingredients for all of life - family, friends, food - a depth of experience like no other.

You will have an afternoon break daily at Lead with Love France because we feel S P A C E is so important. We encourage you to get out in the countryside to feel the magic of zipping through ancient towns on bikes or connect with a cooking school or walking tour of the region or just sit with a book or journal.