What is your Human POTENTIAL? 

We are the product of the environments we live in. Humans thrive or “survive” based on their surroundings. The Lead with Love (LWL) EXPERIENCE Oct 26-29, 2017 in Aspen, Colorado is the ultimate environment in which to thrive – each day includes nourishing food and drink, meditation and yoga, and inspiring conversations and workshops with thought-leaders including the pioneers of Spiritual Psychology Dr’s. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson + more yoga, meditation, pranayama & coaching seminars and tips from top entrepreneurs to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. 

This EXPERIENCE will change you.

Weaved throughout LWL are interactions with heartfelt, loving friends on a path to higher states of consciousness, live music to delight the body, mind, and soul, a thoughtfully curated Marketplace, and opportunities to be of service in the world. Your “status quo” will be shifted. Live into our core values of Love, Joy, Service, Reciprocity and Kindness and experience “Optimal Wellbeing”. You will come closer to realizing your potential in life. You will Thrive.


What makes us DIFFERENT?

The Lead with Love EXPERIENCE is intended to be more than a “one-off” event or a yoga party; it’s a carefully designed experience, as the name suggests. LWL features some of the most renowned teachers and unique experiences in the world, hosted in one of the most beautiful, iconic places. Aspen is the home of The Aspen Idea; it’s a place where visionary leaders and change-makers come to play, dream and connect.


You are part of a movement. Lead with Love is the signature event of Aspen City of Wellbeing, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to shifting culture towards a state of optimal wellbeing for all. Your participation helps us fulfill our mission. All proceeds fund our year-round programs throughout the city and the county. We are dedicated to serving the underserved as well as celebrating those that have the means to give back. Through this event and our on-going programs, we offer opportunities to be of service and find a sense of deep purpose in life. We offer scholarships to many of our program participants to attend LWL  and experience optimal wellbeing because we actually, truly believe THE WELLBEING OF ONE IS CONNECTED TO THE WELLBEING OF ALL.



Our intention with the Lead with Love EXPERIENCE is to inspire participants to find what lights them up and share that more effectively with the world. 

Our motto is to  Be Well. Do Good. It’s as simple as that.

Want to GO DEEPER?