Newsletter 11/21

Dear Lead with Love Community,

We are an organization focused on heart-centered leadership, social impact, wellbeing, service, and connection. Please read on and consider this quote by George Bernard Shaw. Reflect on your own sense of heartfelt joy, your connection to others and something bigger than you, your work to serve the greater good in some capacity, and your own ability right now to shift culture from fear to love:

We want to invite you to join us in doing something that we know will enhance your wellbeing and likely those around you too. We know that what we focus on grows. If we focus on the fear, the drama, the terror, the pain, it grows. If we can find things to look at, to be with, and to acknowledge that are wonderful and beautiful, we will find more of that in our lives.

What you focus on grows.

We are in this together. We are a part of a collective community. Let’s focus on Gratitude. It may sound cliche or ‘not enough’ in the face of what you’re personally dealing with right now or what we are facing collectively that can seem insurmountable and disabling at times, but let’s try it.

We invite you to try a 21-day commitment to a daily gratitude practice starting today! What does this look like? Start with your own daily practice, whatever it is, maybe you’ve been following along with us on Facebook Live for our morning daily practice (found HERE), and using our Lead with Love Daily Accountability Journal (Available HERE), or maybe you have your own practice (click HERE to read our blog on the importance of a daily practice.)

Even if it’s just 5-minutes every morning and evening to set an intention for your day and allow yourself the space to think up, and feel into, a few things you’re grateful for and acknowledge them, that’s enough. It’s a start. And every day we get to start again with our hearts open and a gentler voice in our head encouraging us to just keep walking this path with heart. We move toward freedom one step at a time as we release judgment and blame and focus on love, letting go and forgiveness, daily. It’s a practice.

Let’s do it together right now.

Today, my intention is to Lead with Love and courageously speak from my heart the words that are yearning to be said and to be mindful that those words and my actions are riding on the energy of love.

Today, I am so grateful for:

  • Aspen, Colorado - We get to live here. That is such a gift! We are grateful to the many local serving businesses and especially this year our favorite coffee shop Local that serves as our HQ for Lead with Love and supports us and our 1% for the Love program. These guys walk the talk! Dragonfly Jun, O2 and Ohana Mats are also part of our 1% program and we’re grateful to you for stepping up to support community wellbeing!

  • Snow! We had a really dry year last year. It is a blessing to see this early season snow! Woo-Hoo!

  • Family- If you are lucky enough to have family that you connect with and support you that is a blessing. These holidays can be a very lonely time of year for some. Be mindful. Be aware. Be as open as you can and share your blessings.

  • Friends - Having a strong group of friends that you can grow with, who really see you, and are there for you is essential to wellbeing. If you don’t have this, set an intention to cultivate a healthy group of friends and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Our vulnerability is our strength.

  • We are grateful for community supporting organizations like Aspen Hope Center and Lift-Up who help people in need.

  • The list could go on and on and for that we are grateful. We had an incredible 3rd Annual Lead with Love Summit this year and are so grateful to all of the staff, presenters and attendees who made it possible. This was another deep and juicy gathering of like minded souls lighting each other up. We are excited for what’s to come with Lead with Love and our offerings for 2019 that include retreats, trainings, events, workshops and daily practices to support us all in Leading with Love more fully every day.

  • I am personally grateful that Dr’s Ron and Mary Hulnick at University of Santa Monica have decided to offer one more year of their transformative first year program starting in January and that several from our community will be attending. A long-time dream of mine is to bring these practices of spiritual psychology to life more fully in our valley as a resource for many.

Coming up, we have several exciting offerings that we are grateful for and excited to share with you:


1) Giving Tuesday

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comes Giving Tuesday a global movement to support Non-Profits. We are excited to announce a campaign around the launch of the digital photos from the Love Notes Portrait Series at the 2018 Lead with Love Summit. We are requesting small donations to download your portrait so we can continue to serve the community in many more offerings for 2019.  Check out our Instagram + Facebook pages for more info coming soon! 


1) Conscious Capitalism Aspen Valley

We are launching a local chapter of Conscious Capitalism with amazing partners Coventure and Koru. Our first event is Friday, Nov 30th at Mountain Chalet featuring Jerry Murdock speaking on: “The Art of Decision Making”. We are working with Todd Shaver and Aspen Business Lunch and other wonderful co-hosts. Click HERE if you’d like to be considered as a co-host. Please join us and be a part of this movement to bring more consciousness into business.

ArtofDecision_Newsletter (1) (1).png


will be hosting our first post Lead with Love Summit webinar with our brilliant presenter Gabriella Taylor, founder of “Journey of Extraordinary Love.” I have personally worked with Gabriella and attribute much of the success in my relationship to her gentle guidance and invitation to take full responsibility and reframe areas of perceived victimization and blame that led to a feeling of being trapped. Based on some powerful tools I learned and agreements I made, I am able to live in a place of freedom. Please join us for this free webinar HERE and sign up for our three-part series after. (Add dates and time to this)

Gina Murdock