Lead With Love Pop-Up

Kick off your summer with Lead With Love!

The end of the 2018 Mud Season is just around the corner and Aspen is about to be back in full swing. All the constructions cones will be put away, and the downtown parking spots will begin to fill. 

Before everything gets crazy, we invite you to join us for a week of just want the doctor ordered to get you ready for a productive, healthy, loving summer!

From June 4th-9th, The Wheeler Opera House with host Lead With Love in featuring local yoga and meditation teachers, speakers, healers and organizations, all with the intention of engaging our community in conscious conversation and connection!

Free yoga, tea ceremonies, co-working space, healing sessions starting at $25, daily interactive lunches at bosq and not to miss evening events!



YOGA:  9:30a - 10:30a
MEDITATION:  10:30a - 11:00a
VENUE: Wheeler Opera House   
PRICE: Free + Open to the Public



MONDAY:  Jess Ewart
TUESDAY:  Evan Soroka
WEDNESDAY: Jayne Gottlieb  
THURSDAY: Arin Trook
FRIDAY:  Nicole Lindstrom
SATURDAY: Gina Murdock





TIME: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
VENUE:  Bosq // 312 S Mill St, Aspen
 PRICE: $25


MONDAY, June 4: Creative Wellbeing
TUESDAY, June 5: Mental Wellbeing
 WEDNESDAY, June 6: Physical Wellbeing
 THURSDAY, June 7: Spiritual Wellbeing
 FRIDAY, June 8: Environmental Wellbeing
 SATURDAY, June 9: Community Wellbeing







Pop-Up Includes Daily: 

- Community yoga + meditation classes

- Wellbeing lunch discussions at BOSQ

- Tea lounge complete with healers, vendors, artists and musicians

- Evening Experiences

All Lead With Love programming throughout this week is inspired by concepts from the mixed media Nu.Topia production, showing June 7th, 8th and 9th at The Wheeler Opera House.

Full schedule available here: https://lwlwheeler2018.sched.com/

Yoga + meditation classes will be free and open to the community every day from 9:30a - 11a. Donations towards supporting Lead With Love’s subsidized worksite wellbeing programs will be Encouraged.  Classes will be taught by local teachers including Lead With Love team members Jess Ewart, Gina Murdock and Nicole Lindstrom, as well as O2’s Evan Soroka and Shakti Shala’s Jayne Gottlieb.

Local restaurant BOSQ has partnered will host “Wellbeing Lunches” everyday from 12:30p - 2p. Each lunch will feature 3 “hosts” on the following topics:

- Monday, June 4th - Creative Wellbeing

- Tuesday, June 5th - Mental Wellbeing

- Wednesday, June 6th - Physical Wellbeing

- Thursday, June 7th - Spiritual Wellbeing

- Friday, June 8th - Environmental Wellbeing

- Saturday, June 9th - Community Wellbeing

Lunches will be facilitated in a “group discussion” format, with each host leading a table through prompts pertaining to the given theme. Wellbeing lunches are available for purchase through the Wheeler Box office and showtix.com

The Lead With Love “Tea Lounge” will be open to the public throughout the first four days:

- Monday, June 4th - 2p - 5p (3 hours)

- Tuesday, June 5th - 2p - 5p (3 hours)

- Wednesday, June 6th - 2p - 5p (3 hours)

- Thursday, June 7th - 2p - 4p (2 hours)

This “Tea Lounge” will be activated as an open community space with multiple offerings happening all at once, including:

- Zen beats with local DJ, Kevin Joyal

- Art Gallery by local artists and gallery owner, Skye Weinglass of Skye Gallery

- Space Design by local shop owner, Michaela Carpenter-Olson of Maker + Place

- Coffee + Tea by local coffee shop, Local Coffee House

- Free healing sessions with Ampcoil

- Donation tea ceremony with local potter, Steven Colby

Private healing sessions can be purchased through event scheduling app or directly at event and include alternative modalities such as:

- Acupuncture with local, Brittany Buffalino

- Reiki with local,  Angelique Fowler

- Astrology readings with local, Ruby Burkhalter

- Tarot Card readings with local, Claudia Flores

- Massage Therapy with local, Travis Andrews

The St. Regis Remede Spa will be providing complimentary chair massage on Thursday, June 7th from 2p - 4p.

Evening programs include:

- Monday, June 4th - 5:30p - 7:00p - “Mind Over Matter” a explorative meditation series by Lead With Love, free and open to the public.

- Tuesday, June 5th - 5:30p - 7:00p - “Nudes + Brews” nude figure drawing hosted by local artist, Erin Greenwood, $20

- Wednesday, June 6th - 5:30p - 7:00p - “Cocoa Ceremony + Sound Bowl Healing” led by Gemma Danielle and Ahmad JP Sawalmeh. $30 In compliance with The Wheeler’s “Zero Waste” policy, this Pop-up will only serve food and beverages using reusable dishware, encouraging participants to bring their own or offering them the ability to purchase from a wide array of choices.