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What inspired you to start your business?


In January 2015, MASS EDEN Founder and Owner, TL Robinson, was on vacation in Cuba when she experienced the full benefits of a nontoxic lifestyle. During the week-long island tour, she took in the culture: art, food, architecture, language, etc. At a resort, she had the opportunity to sample locally crafted body care products.

Within a day, she realized the vast improvements to her skin and physical fitness.

Having allergies since birth, TL has suffered from skin and health issues that impacted her quality of life. The improvements she realized in Cuba motivated TL to want to realize the same relief in the states. While in Cuba, she visited with locals and began researching the ingredients of their local products. Back home she continued her research and began testing the physical effects of varying products on her skin.

The research and tests confirmed that diagnosed issues were actually the results of allergic reactions to ingredients in foods and body care products.

Equipped with this knowledge, TL narrowed her scope to include only natural and organic ingredients in her future rounds of testing and research. Results from these tests in late 2015 caused TL to narrow her focus and ultimately identify an underserved consumer base.

In 2016, the MASS EDEN brand was developed and introduced to market. The line consists of organic body care products that are gentle enough for skin sensitive consumers yet strong enough to be as effective as mainstream brands.

MASS EDEN is gender neutral and safe for use on all skin types.

TL created a brand that did not require consumers to sacrifice quality (poor efficacy) or compromise their personal identity (strong, fruity fragrances and gender specific packaging).


What part of running your business do you love?


TL believes that the best part of running the business is both engaging with people and providing them with quality products to care for their skin.

Since founding the MASS EDEN brand, she has had the opportunity to visit three countries to learn about new cultures and ways to care for skin.

That knowledge has been included into our messaging and imagery so that the brand can better service a global market.


What have you found to be your biggest opportunity in business?


The biggest opportunity of business, according to TL, is expanding the reach of the MASS EDEN brand.

As a start up, it can be difficult to effect change in a meaningful way.

TL believes that sponsoring wellness events and organizations, that mirror the company's ethos, like Lead With Love will increase brand awareness.


What does it mean to you to Lead With Love?


To TL, "Leading with Love" means to act and listen with empathy for others.

"We don't know what stressors or traumas people are carrying in their day-to-day lives. So, when we engage with them, it's important to engage from a place of assuming positive intent. It prevents us from being defensive. It also helps to ensure that we are working toward a goal." - TL Robinson

She wants to fill the world with positivity and happiness through wellness.


How do you Lead With Love in your business or community?


"I know, from personal experience, that having sensitive skin is tough. That's why I want to help as many people as possible care for their sensitive skin. That means putting forth all of my efforts to produce quality products and share them with as many people as possible." - TL Robinson


Why did you decided to support 1% For The Love?

Mass Eden was a proud sponsor of the Lead With Love Leadership Summit, 2018 and continues to support our non-profit initiatives through participating in our 1% For The Love program.

Mass Eden was a proud sponsor of the Lead With Love Leadership Summit, 2018 and continues to support our non-profit initiatives through participating in our 1% For The Love program.

“I wanted to walk the talk and commit to bringing more LOVE into my business.” - TL Robinson




TL Robinson is the Founder & Owner of MASS EDEN, a green body care brand focused on the needs of consumers who are health conscious and/or have sensitive skin. Her influence to launch a green beauty brand came from a chance trip to Cuba and a serious health issue that changed her life's focus. She now runs a growing business; is EIC for the brand's global blog; and, gives talks on the importance of body care and wellness.

Before launching MASS EDEN, TL had a career spanning over ten years in the corporate finance industry. She successfully led project management and process engineering teams for a Fortune 500 company based out of Virginia. TL now resides in North Carolina, the home for MASS EDEN.

TL has a B.S. in Economics and MBA.

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