The Gift of Life : Remembering Arin Trook


Dearest Community,

As we collectively mourn the loss of one of our incredible community members we are reminded how precious life is. Arin Trook, a father, husband and incredible educator dedicated to environmental literacy, yoga and philosophy died Monday in an avalanche. We are reminded that the things we love the most often involve risks and while we take great care sometimes the unimaginable happens and we are all forced to face loss.

Most importantly in this time is for us all, even if you didn’t know Arin personally, to share our support with Arin’s family. Arin was the Education Director at Aspen Center for Environmental Studies an incredible org committed to building a community of dedicated, knowledgeable and motivated environmental stewards. Arin was a CRITICAL part of this organization and its mission touching the lives of 1000’s of kids from Aspen all the way to Rifle and Parachute. ACES has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to support Arin’s wife and two kids HERE. Please consider making a donation. We must not only feel the pain of loss, but also act to do whatever small thing we can to make it better for those most affected.

Additionally, Alpine Bank has set up an account for the Arin Trook Memorial Fund. People wanting to make a donation to the Arin Trook Memorial Fund can walk into any Alpine Bank to make a donation. In lieu of donating in-person, donors can send checks to the following address: Alpine Bank, Arin Trook Memorial Fund, Attn: Stefan Reveal, 600 E. Hopkins Ave., Aspen, CO 81611.

As a board member of ACES, I have personally known Arin since he came to work for us in 2013 as the education director. I still vividly remember his introduction to the board. He did not come across with a boring speech listing all of the absolutely amazing highlights of his resume; he told us a STORY! Arin was an incredible story teller. Animated and completely embodied, he brought the world alive. He was fully engaged in all that he did and he moved through this world with so much enthusiasm and zest for life. It was apparent this summer when he made arrangements for he and his wife to borrow some of our fleet of unicorn costumes to surprise their daughter Ria for her birthday. It was apparent every time he taught a yoga class or led a group as part of Tomorrow’s Voices or ACES other educational programs. It was apparent as he volunteered with us at Lead with Love the last few years, always saying “YES!” to touch the lives of others and share messages about the environment or yoga. We thank you Arin for your inspiration and your incredible legacy. We will honor you in every way by being more fully alive and more fully dedicated to preserving our precious natural world.

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Arin was a huge part of Lead with Love and Aspen City of Wellbeing. He joined us to present our “Wild Yoga” program at ACES each summer and during a joint presentation in 2017 on the Nature of Wellbeing he spoke so passionately about the link between nature and our own wellbeing. We must stop and notice and be with nature as an elixir for our overprogrammed, stressed lives. It is a balm and a salve to calm the nervous system, to remember who and what we are and that we are all part of this natural world and we must protect is like our own child.

"Perhaps the most radical action we can take today is the simple act of walking slowly through the wild world,” Arin wrote in a blog post about the presentation.

I personally admired Arin so much and loved taking his yoga classes at Aspen Shakti or for our “pop up” at the Wheeler last summer or out on the platforms at ACES Hallam Lake. He was a consistent and bright light for all of us sharing wisdom, songs, stories and most importantly heart. Arin led with love more than anyone and we honor him and his legacy in this organization and within each of our hearts.

Get out on a walk today and slow down for a moment to reflect on the preciousness of life and what it is that is alive in your heart to share with the world to make the world a better place like Arin did every day. With Love and Gratitude to a remarkable soul and to the incredible gift of life.

Gina Murdock

Abby Stern