A Story Night With Lead with Love

Join Lead with Love and master storyteller Alya Howe to hear from six brave souls who found freedom and redemption not by running from fear, but by turning to face it.

What is your story?

How did you slay your dragon and face your fears?


Apply below to be one of our featured storytellers.

This evening is in honor of our favorite storyteller Arin Trook and proceeds benefit Lead with Love programming.



Sunday, September 15th




The Wheeler Opera House



  • A Story Telling Night about finding freedom and redemption not by running from fear, but by turning to face it.


Tickets Available @ The Wheeler Opera House


Apply To Be A Featured Story Teller

What is your story? How did you slay your dragon and face your fears?

Each storyteller has the transformational experience of working with Alya Howe, who will coach you to prepare your 7-minute story in front of a live audience. We are limited to only 6 storytellers for this evening.

We invite you to prepare a seven-minute story that relates to our theme “SLAYING THE DRAGON”; a first-person experience, journey, adventure you have had that speaks to how you "slayed your dragon”. This theme is derived from the work of Psychologist Joseph Campbell and “The Hero’s Journey” . In the Hero’s Journey, the hero (you) must face your dragons (obstacles) and make a choice to either stand up to fear and “slay the dragon” or cower, hide or run away and remain in the same cycle that may have caused despair and suffering. Lead with Love is committed to shifting culture from fear to love. For this event we are using storytelling to excavate the territory of fear and how it affects our life and the powerful choice we all have to face fear and overcome it. One of the most important aspects of “The Hero’s Journey" is to live to tell the tale. Empowerment, Choice, Courage and Redemption will be the themes of the evening. Get ready to face your own fears and share a story of how you overcame a life challenge and lived to tell the tale. Your courage is an invitation to others to learn from their stories and start to look at challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve toward our true essence of love.

Your story should be a true story that is spoken, not read; personal; and revelatory. That doesn’t mean it has to be tragic, or a bummer or some HUGE life obstacle. Happier, funnier stories are welcome too. If you choose to participate, consider sitting quietly, reflecting and finding a story by letting your story “choose you.” Alya has found that the more you give yourself to this process and are willing to receive, the more you will get out of this opportunity.


• Sunday July 20: Draft (or a detailed and clear outline)
• Weekend of August 24/25 : Rehearsal #1 (5:30pm, Carbondale OR an individually scheduled FaceTime rehearsal)*
• Weekend of September 7/8 TBD Rehearsal #2 (location and time to tbd OR an individually scheduled FaceTime rehearsal)*
• Sun Sept 15 Performance (Wheeler Opera House call will be at 4pm).

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