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“Three Lineages” Experience connects ancient wisdom to modern times featuring luminaries: Dr. Deepak Chopra, HH Sakyong Mipham and Yogarupa Rod Stryker

For the first time ever and only at “Lead with Love” in Aspen, CO Oct 26-29 Dr. Deepak Chopra, HH Sakyong Mipham and Yogarupa Rod Stryker to co-lead meditation experience and discussion to elevate and inspire.

Aspen City of Wellbeing will host its 2nd annual “Lead with Love” 4-day experience Oct 26-29 in Aspen, Co featuring several once-in-a-lifetime offerings. The multi-day event in the heart of the Rocky Mountains brings together luminaries in the traditions of yoga, meditation, spiritual psychology and conscious leadership with the intent to uplift and inspire. 

This year, Lead with Love features unique conversations between teachers and luminaries that have never happened before and may never happen again.

“We wanted to create experiences that were new and different featuring some of the most brilliant minds of our time,” said Gina Murdock founder of Lead with Love and Aspen City of Wellbeing. “Lead with Love was born from a desire to transform lives in a positive way, to increase awareness and elevate humanity. I happen to know some amazing people and the honor of bringing them together in ways they have not experienced before is an incredible gift.”

One of the many unique offerings this year is the “Three Lineages Meditation Experience” on Oct 28th featuring Dr. Deepak Chopra, H.H. Sakyong Mipham and Yogarupa Rod Stryker. This experience was the brainchild of Murdock’s husband, Aspen Institute trustee Jerry Murdock. 

“These three teachers represent different lineages or interpretations of lineage and I wanted to see what would happen, what it would feel like, to tap into the wisdom of each lineage and share that with a modern audience. These teachings, whether Buddhist or Vedic, are time tested and represent an incredible resource to us today,” Jerry Murdock shared. “There is something incredibly special about masters of their craft coming together in unscripted dialogue to serve humanity which is exactly what each of these teachers does in their daily life and what they will do together at Lead with Love.”

The Three Lineage Experience at Lead with Love will begin with a 1 hour 15 minute deeply nourishing and heart-opening all-level yoga asana class led by Yogarupa Rod Stryker, who will be representing the lineage of Adi Shankara and the tradition of Sri Vidya. 

The yoga class will be followed by a panel discussion with H.H. The Sakyong, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Rod Stryker moderated by Jerry Murdock where they will discuss the heart of each lineage and the intent of each lineage. In this discussion, the core wisdom of each lineage will be brought forward with the intention of transcendence from separation to unity consciousness.

The meditation experience will start with H.H. Sakyong Mipham representing the Shambhala Lineage who will set the intention and anchor the session with wisdom and guidance focused on “Moving Beyond all Suffering.” Yogarupa Rod Stryker will bring forth the wisdom of the Himalayan Institute and Sri Vidya in a deeply meditative journey focused on “Attaining Highest Fortune in all Things” Finally, Dr. Deepak Chopra will represent the lineage of Adi Shankara and The Universe and his process of transcendence by inviting participants into non-dual or unity consciousness.

“I imagine being in that room in late October will result in a felt sensation of “Namaste” or oneness,” Gina Murdock exclaimed enthusiastically. “As a yogi, I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to witness and experience in person such a miraculous event intended to uplift, inspire and transform. I know that once I feel something I cannot “un feel” it and our deep intention with this rare and unique offering is to create that felt sensation as a touchstone or foundation for knowing the truth of who we are.” 

To be present in this energy field of transformation is rare and unparalleled, said Gina Murdock who added that in our modern society of glorified busyness and superficiality the opportunity to “go deep” and touch the eternal heart must not be understated. There is space for just 300 participants live and in person at this event. 


Yoga with the World’s Oldest and Youngest Yoga Teachers at
Lead with Love, Aspen

For the first time and only at Lead with Love in Aspen, CO yoga teachers Tao Porchon-Lynch (99) and Tabay Atkins (12) come together to share the wisdom of the ages
Aspen, Colorado is home to many extraordinary things, world class skiing, restaurants and party scene. One thing it is becoming known for more and more is as a destination for wellbeing, that's partly thanks to Aspen City of Wellbeing (ACW), a non profit org dedicated to shifting culture towards an optimal state of wellbeing for all.
Besides ACW’s dozen or so workplace wellbeing programs it offers to essential service workers throughout the year the organization also curates and produces a large annual event called Lead with Love Oct 26-29. The multi-day event in the heart of the Rocky Mountains brings together luminaries in the traditions of yoga, meditation, spiritual psychology and conscious leadership with the intent to uplift and inspire. Special guests this year include Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Seane Corn and many more.
Lead with Love features unique conversations between teachers and luminaries that have never happened before and may never happen again. One of those experiences this year is a yoga class featuring the world's oldest yoga teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch (99-years young), and the world's youngest certified yoga teacher Tabay Atkins (12-years-old).
“People have been trying to get these two together for a long time” said Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, internationally-recognized yoga teacher and Porchon-Lynch’s biographer who added that keeping up with this near-centenarian is no easy task. “We’ve been crossing the globe doing events over the last ten years and Tao loves the energy of traveling. She’s amazing, truly extraordinary in her ability to recover from long flights and be fresh for teaching. The exchange with students from various cultures fuels her, and she particularly loves being with young people.”
Aspen City of Wellbeing and Lead with Love founder Gina Murdock discovered Atkins on social media and immediately feel in love with him.
“I watched this short 60-second documentary on Tabay and then started searching the web to learn more about this remarkable kid. I quickly discovered he’s from my hometown of San Clemente, Ca.,” she said. “I immediately wrote to my family there to see if they knew him and my sister wrote back ‘Tabay’s mom is our yoga teacher!’”
After a text intro to Tabay’s mom, yoga teacher Sahel Anvarinejad, the plan was hatched to have Tabay come out and teach at Lead with Love. Not long after that, a friend of Murdock’s who works with Deepak Chopra said, do you know Tao? You should bring her out and an intro to Tao was made.
“The rest is history!,” said Murdock.
Porchon-Lynch synthesizes the most positive aspects of Indian, European and American thought and is uniquely equipped to spread Yogic insights, originating in India, to Westerners seeking enlightenment. She recently celebrated her 99th birthday and Tabay his 12th. The two have not met before but both say they are looking forward to it.
“It could be a symbolic passing of the torch,” said Kennedy who accompanied Porchon-Lynch to India this June where Porchon-Lynch was honored. She added, “Tao loves sharing insights. Her autobiography, Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of a Modern Year Master, has won ten awards, and we are releasing her next book, Shining Bright: Quotes and Images to Inspire Optimism, Gratitude and Belief in Your Limitless Potential, this winter.”
This is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed, said Murdock who is also curating unique conversations at Lead with Love between Dr. Deepak Chopra, H.H. Sakyong Mipham and Yogarupa Rod Stryker as well as internationally celebrated yoga teacher Seane Corn and humanitarian Scott Neeson, founder of Cambodian Children’s Fund. 
“We wanted to create experiences that were new and different featuring some of the most brilliant minds of our time,” said Murdock. “Lead with Love was born from a desire to transform lives in a positive way, to increase awareness and elevate humanity. I love bringing people together in ways they have not experienced before. It makes things more organic and spontaneous!”
Porchon-Lynch discovered yoga at eight years old on the beaches of Pondicherry, India and has more than 65 years of teaching yoga to students in India, Bali, France, United Kingdom, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Montenegro, the Bahamas, Jamaica and the U.S. She has done a TEDx talk at Columbia University, and programs at the Pentagon, United Nations, the World Government Summit in Dubai, and the Newark Peace Education Summit with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
“Tao is an extraordinary leader and can change the way we perceive the world, “ said Kennedy. “She shows us what almost a century of conscious, positive and mindful living looks like… and it looks good!”
In contrast, Atkins has been teaching yoga just over a year. He is homeschooled and teaches weekly teen and adult donation-based classes at his mom’s yoga studio CARE4YOGA in San Clemente, CA. Atkin’s donates 100% of the money he makes to kids who have cancer.
“Atkins is a true ‘Karma Yogi’ giving back with his teaching and completely inspired by the practice that he and his mom believe saved her life,” said Murdock.
Atkins' journey with yoga started at the same time his mom's yoga journey started.  Anvarinejad was just 2 weeks cancer free when she started a 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training, and her son was by her side every step of the way, she said. After having cancer and going through chemo treatments, she she said she could barely walk on her own.
“I was sad, scared and worried.” Anvarinejad recounted.
Atkins said he noticed that after doing yoga, his mom regained her physical strength and felt better emotionally and mentally as well.
“I knew then and there that I wanted to become a yoga teacher so that he could help others heal with the practice of yoga the way yoga helped heal my mom,” Atkin’s said. “I think the more people that know about yoga and practice it, the better our world will be.”
Atkins will join Porchon-Lynch in a yoga workshop at Lead with Love on Friday, Oct. 27th from 9-10:30 am followed by a discussion to share their unique perspectives on the practice and life. On Oct. 26th, Porchon-Lynch will share her unique life story in her signature “Conversation with a Master” talk and slideshow moderated by Kennedy. It’s an engaging journey through multiple continents as a World War II French Resistance fighter, actress, model, producer, and entrepreneur, weaving in her approach to overcoming obstacles and living mindfully.


Ex Movie Exec. and Humanitarian Scott Neeson and International yoga teacher Seane Corn in conversation at Aspen Institute

As part of Murdock Mind, Body, Spirit Series, Neeson and Corn to discuss how they both answered the call to Lead with Love to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose

A signature element of the non-profit Aspen City of Wellbeing’s annual Lead with Love Experience in Aspen, Co Oct 26-29 is conversations with extraordinary thought leaders that have never happened before. This year, the event will feature a unique conversations between Dr. Deepak Chopra, H.H. Sakyong Mipham and Yogarupa Rod Stryker as well as a yoga class and conversation led by the world's oldest and youngest yoga teachers. 

In addition, this year The Aspen Institute is collaborating with Aspen City of Wellbeing and Lead with Love to present the third in it’s 2017 Murdock Mind, Body, Spirit series featuring Scott Neeson and Seane Corn in a talk titled, "Proof of Love - The Imminent Connection of Karma, Spirit and the Laws of Physics.”

Scott Neeson is a former Hollywood producer and founder of the Cambodian Children’s Fund and Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher. Neeson and Corn will examine what it means to create a life of meaning and purpose by answering a call to be of service in the world, and by doing so, how they’ve inspired thousands of others to do the same.

When Hollywood executive Neeson embarked on a sabbatical between jobs in 2003, he couldn’t have imagined how it would change his life. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia Neeson saw hundreds of children and their families living and working on the Steung Meanchey garbage dump, one of the most toxic environments imaginable. It was a moment that changed his life.
Neeson had a 26-year career in the film business, including tenure as President of 20th Century Fox International. He thought he had it all, he said, a powerful role in the film industry, celebrity friends, a big house, fancy cars and a boat.

But in 2003, Neeson’s view on life changed completely when he found himself looking out across the garbage dump at hundreds of children scavenging through garbage.
Soon after, Neeson made the decision to resign from his job, sell all of his possessions and focus his energy and passion into Cambodian Children’s Fund. Twelve years later, Neeson’s journey continues to captivate, inspires and bewilder people from all over the world.

“The moment I stepped in there was the single most impactful moment in my life. I was standing there facing into the abyss,” Neeson said of the moment he saw the garbage dump and realized how many children lived there.

In this talk you will hear about Neeson’s inspiring story of how one person can make a world of difference. Later in the talk, Corn will join Neeson in conversation about yoga and the role of yoga, mindfulness and self care in doing humanitarian work in the world. You will learn how being of service to others increases wellbeing and how one person can really change the world for good, said Gina Murdock, founder of Aspen City of Wellbeing, Lead with Love and the Murdock Mind, Body, Spirit Series who is an avid supporter of both Neeson and Corn and their humanitarian work in the world.

Tickets are $25 and go on sale to the public Oct 5 at
Aspen Institute Society of Fellows may reserve complimentary tickets to this event by emailing or calling 970.544.7980.
All Lead with Love pass holders will be admitted.


Yoga and Spiritual Psychology come together at Lead with Love, Aspen Co.

Only in Aspen: Pioneers of Spiritual Psychology Dr.’s Ron and Mary Hulnick share stage with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, others

Aspen, Colorado is a place of impact and beauty. A small mountain town in the middle of Colorado, Aspen is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world and the most extraordinary experiences. It is also a place with the unfortunate statistic of a suicide rate 3x higher than the national average.

Because of that, and for many other reasons, yoga and meditation teacher Gina Murdock founded the nonprofit org Aspen City of Wellbeing (ACW) in 2015. The mission is to create a cultural shift toward an optimal state of wellbeing for all.
“We are focused on the place we want to live and the way we want to live versus focusing on what’s going wrong - depression, suicide, traffic, parking. We truly believe what you focus on grows and for us we focus on, and place our intention and attention on, the wellbeing of the people in our city and county,” said Murdock who also founded ACW’s annual 4-day event Lead with Love Oct 26-29 at Aspen Meadows Resort.

Of the things that influenced her the most, Murdock says: 
1) Yoga; 2) Meditation; 3) Spiritual Psychology

Because of the transformational aspect of these three activities and the fact that until last year they hadn’t been merged together in an event, Murdock founded Lead with Love to highlight all three. The inaugural Lead with Love experience in the fall of 2016 was a chance for Murdock to share the gifts of her favorite and most impactful teachers with those she loved for her 40th birthday. The event was such a success, even in the middle of Aspen’s “off-season”, that Murdock and her team at ACW decided to do it again.

This year, like last, Lead with Love will feature the most renowned yoga, meditation and spiritual teachers of our time like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Seane Corn and Rod Stryker, said Murdock, as well as the founding faculty of University of Santa Monica (USM) Dr’s Ron and Mary Hulnick who are pioneers in the field of spiritual psychology.
“Bringing these disciplines together is the most wonderful gift I could ever imagine giving or getting, “ said Murdock. “The principles and practices of spiritual psychology have changed my life, they have given me freedom, and my yoga and meditation practice as well. The blending of these experiences is truly extraordinary and only happens here in Aspen, Co as far as I know.”

The Hulnick’s have been teaching at USM for over 35 years and while they travel, most of their programs are based at their Santa Monica campus. This coming year is the last year they will be teaching their introductory course at USM and Murdock said it is one that she wishes every person on the planet could take. 

“It is truly an extraordinary, transformative experience,” she said “And yet not everyone can travel to LA once a month for 10-months and so having Ron and Mary come to Aspen is just such a special gift. It was by far the most impactful session last year and I am really excited about their new and unique offerings at Lead with Love this year.”

This year Dr.’s Ron and Mary Hulnick, who present as a team, will be offering two separate workshops at Lead with Love on the weekend of Oct 28/29.
The first is called “Honoring the Calling of Your Heart: Living a Life of Greater Purpose, Meaning, and Fulfillment.”

The experiential workshop will lead participants into a process of self inquiry into what moves their heart and stirs their soul and what brings them alive.

Participants will engage in conversation, inner inquiry, and listening within for their own answers to life’s essential questions—questions like:

·      Who am I?
·      Why am I here—what is my life’s purpose?
·      How can I make a more meaningful contribution?
·      What are my gifts and how can I use them?
·      How can I become more aware of my purpose?
·      How can I release this sense of unworthiness that keeps me playing small?

Dr.’s. Ron and Mary Hulnick will share some of the principles and practices of spiritual psychology as well as keys participants can use to realize and experience greater meaning, purpose, joy, and fulfillment in life.

The second workshop offered at Lead with Love will be: “Soul-Centered Relationships — Are you ready to lead with love?”
As Mary Hulnick writes, “When we think of “being in love,” we often think of the thrill of romance and fulfilling connection, of finding our “soul-mate.” Yet for many of us, relationships are often an area of great challenge, conflict, and misunderstanding.
How could this be? The love is there, and at the same time, there are certain aspects of your partner that trigger upset, frustration, and separation. What happened to the joy, the openness, the partnership? And even more important—what, if anything, can you do about it?”

“From the perspective of Spiritual Psychology, relationships have much more potential than simply “living happily ever after.” What if they are portals Divinely designed to assist you in Awakening more fully into your inherently Loving Nature? What if your opportunity is learning how to show up as the Presence of Love—both with your partner, and for yourself?”
In this experiential workshop participants will have an opportunity to ask relationship questions to the Hulnicks, who will answer from the perspective of their successful 38-year marriage based on the principles and practices of spiritual psychology and their professional credentials as licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are pioneers and worldwide leaders in the field of Spiritual Psychology, as well as Teachers and Facilitators of Awakening in Consciousness.
They are renowned educators, authors, and the Founding Faculty and Co-Directors of the University of Santa Monica (USM), where they have designed, developed, and facilitated Educational Programs in Spiritual Psychology for the past 35 years. Both are licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Mary is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist.
They are the authors of “Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology”, published by Hay House and available in 12 countries and 8 languages. Their latest book, “Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living”, was published by Hay House in 2017.