Our Impact

Project Wellbeing

A complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors, wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. Our free or subsidized yoga and meditation offerings increase the wellbeing of our participants and our community as a whole.

Since 2016, Project Wellbeing has served 350 individuals.

Lead with Love is currently offering year long programs for Pitkin County and the Aspen Fire Department.

Since 2016, we have implemented programs for ::

  • Pitkin County 

  • Clerks and Recorder

  • Courthouse 

  • Road and Bridge

  • Fleet

  • Landfill

  • Jail

  • City of Aspen

  • Aspen Police Department

  • Aspen Fire Department 

  • Frias Real Estate

  • St Regis Remede Spa

  • Aspen Middle School

  • Aspen Community School

  • Aspen Valley Hospital

  • Aspen Institute 

Impact Stats

Sick Days decreased by 12%

Back pain significantly decreased by 83.3 reported nonexistent pain which started at 48.98%

5% increase in thinking about the wellbeing of their co-workers

25.79%  feel like you are able to enhance your personal wellbeing in your place of work? Increased by

18.75% in those who have nonexistent head and neck pain

77.78% said the LWL program helped them increase mindfulness

66.67% said the LWL program helped them increase their time dedicated to their wellbeing


Were you transformed from this experience on a scale from 1 - 10? Averaged of 8.7

Do you feel you are more equipped to lead with love in daily life? Averaged at 7.9

100% of people said they would attend another Lead with Love retreat.


In the last three years, we have had 1000+ attendees, 50 scholarship recipients, and 100s of volunteers.

The 2018 Lead with Love Summit was focused on heart-centered leadership featuring movement, meditation, conscious capitalism, time in nature, experiential & immersive workshops & talks, music, art and a renewed focus on social impact & business as a force for good!

Our 2018 presenters included John Mackey, Lynne Twist, Dr. Rudi Tanzi, Bob Chapman, Jean Oelwang, Rosie Acosta, Raj Sisodia, Aerin Alexander, Stephen Attenborough, House of the Gipsies, Dan Mullally, Kip Tindell, Chris Waddell, Ajume Wingo, Paul Young and more! 

New at the 2018 Summit was the Lead with Love Action Center, a physical space for attendees to take their inspiration and put it into action, with the themes of give, vote, volunteer. Over $5,000 was donated through microgiving, 102 confirmed as registered voters, and 123 attendees pledged to volunteer in 2019.