Kerri Kelly + Skippy Mesirow

wednesday OCTOBER 26, 2016 - 3:00 - 3:30pm


Modern democracy & civic engagement

Where we intersect: Civic engagement is how we take care of each other. How we tend to the wellbeing of all. 

Possible Panel Questions: 

What is the symbolism of this election? 
How do we navigate this mess? How do we show up?
There is so much attention on the Presidential “drama”, but what about local, why don’t we focus on local? 
What does our practice have to do with voting?
What is the opportunity for us "here"? 

Talk points: 

Kerri Kelly:
1. Voting as collective care. Voting is a representation of our relationship to self, other and the whole. 
2. Citizenship as practice. How we translate our practice into our responsibility as citizens and civic duty. 

Skippy Mesirow:
1. The culture of civic engagement (opting out vs opting in)
 - Pulling back Vs. leaning in... How reflectivity works and how we manifest our best us. 
 - A social practice...This is contagious! 
2. The personal is political. How local engagement is transforming our relationship to politics as personal.
  - Why we start small and replicate. 
  - Local examples that are transferable