Leigh Koechner

wednesday OCTOBER 26, 2016 - 2:05 - 2:25pm

LOVING Life with Leigh

LOVING Life with Leigh

Step simpLeigh into manifesting what you desire with the irreverent, connected, and master manifestor, Leigh Koechner.  

We have all heard talks on manifesting the life you desire. Leigh’s question to you is: Did it work?  Are you living the life that you desire?  Have you manifested all that you have put your mind to?  Have the talks, books, and videos you have experienced gotten you what you have longed for? 
If your answer is no, Leigh will show you just how simple manifesting can be.

Join the hilariousLeigh funny, spiritual warrior, Leigh Koechner, as she not only lifts you up, but also hands you tangible tools to work with based on her life experience.

Leigh Koechner is a Spiritualist, writer, performer, happily married, mother of five, who is fully alive and co-creating the life of her dreams