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Mark Ishaug, CEO of the Chicago-based behavioral health organization, Thresholds, was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Council for Behavioral Health. Ishaug has more than 25 years of experience as a leader in behavioral health care advocacy, delivery and policy.

Ishaug leads one of the oldest and largest providers of behavioral health services in the State of Illinois. Under Ishaug’s leadership, Thresholds offers 30 innovative programs at more than 90 locations in the greater Chicago area providing psychiatry, primary care and substance use services, including housing, educational and employment opportunities, to more than 9,000 adults and youth. Ishaug is an expert at addressing the barriers to care often experienced by underserved and vulnerable members of the community. In 2015, Ishaug was selected as one of Behavior Healthcare Magazine’s Behavioral Healthcare Champions. He was recognized for his dedication and advocacy work by creating a strong coalition of providers, consumers and advocates and working with policy makers to help transform Illinois’ behavioral health infrastructure. Prior to joining Thresholds, Ishaug served as the President and CEO of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

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