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Over a 6 week period, “Opening To Extraordinary Love™- Moving From Relationship Breakdown To Breakthrough” will empower you to create a fresh experience.

This course will provide you with:

  • The space for a breakthrough in your awareness that frees you up for a new connection and intimacy.

  • The space to slow down, to see things differently, and to get clear on what is fueling your repetitive challenges.

  • New perspectives that will help expose important revelations that will lead to your breakthrough.

For many of us, we long to ‘break through’ the barriers that have kept us feeling separate from others or unfulfilled in romance.

But what if these barriers are essential to the breakthrough? What if the way we view and define these barriers is actually part of transforming our relationship challenges? What if the power to transform your relationship is found in the stories you tell yourself?

There is nothing like extraordinary love. We strive to successfully navigate romantic relationships, and transform challenges into harmony. Join us and in 6 weeks you’ll learn key techniques to have a breakthrough that shifts disempowering thoughts and feelings to create Extraordinary Love™ with yourself and others.



In our 6-week online course you will:

  • Understand your own personal journey inside of our larger, collective story, to make new sense of your own lived experience.

  • Identify an area of challenge that you’d like to have a breakthrough in

  • Understand how to view the challenges and obstacles as stepping stones

  • View relationships through the lens of personal responsibility which empowers you as the powerful creator of your experiences

  • See yourself and others more clearly, especially if you have spent years struggling with feeling invisible or unimportant.

  • Experience a shift in perception which uplevels your relationship TO relationship

  • Connect with who you truly are on the deepest level

  • Learn to transform your limiting beliefs at their core and liberate yourself from the tenacious tyranny of the past, becoming free to unleash your highest potentials in life, love and livelihood.

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Do you ever get the feeling that there is more available for you in your romantic relationships?

The 6 week “Opening To Extraordinary Love™ - Moving From Relationship Breakdown To Breakthrough” Program is for you if you’re genuinely committed to extraordinary relationship happiness, yet are not seeing the results you would like.

If you are in a relationship and…

  • You want

    • More presence

    • Deeper connection

    • Commitment

    • Better communication

    • To feel cherished, seen, heard, and loved for who you are.

  • You are wondering if you should stay or go.

  • Fear you’re out-growing your existing relationship or you fear you’ll have to settle for less than what you long for.

  • You are ready to go deeper

If you are single and you…

  • Feel challenged by all the rules in the dating scene

  • Think you have to be actively ‘putting yourself out there’ to meet a mate or it won’t really happen? You may subtly fear that you can’t just relax and live your life.  

  • Feel your biological clock ticking away, yet you know you don’t want to lead with urgency.

  • Are tired of being told that your expectations are too high

  • Attract amazing people who are emotionally unavailable


Three 2-Hour Live Group Coaching Sessions with Gabriella Taylor

  • Sessions are interactive using the Zoom Platform.

  • All sessions are made downloadable after the live session.

  • Bi-Weekly, Gabriella will lead you through the course curriculum designed to guide you, step-by-step, through process of creating a breakthrough in your biggest relationship challenge.

  • You’ll feel more connected and less alone, in the comforts of your own home, surrounded by other open-minded and strong-hearted men and women, as you release yourself from obstacles and step into a fuller expression of who you truly are.


Guided Lovework & Reflection Questions

Each class is paired with a “Lovework” assignment designed to help you apply what you’ve learned so that you may receive maximum benefits from the course.  Each downloadable assignment is filled with poignant questions that can be used as journal prompts. They may be used alone or while following along with the audio recordings.


The Power of Online-Group Synergy

Connect with others around the world as we collectively transform the relationship model on this planet. Many find it deeply healing to practice growing up and showing up for love together while receiving support from within this community.

When you join “Opening To Extraordinary Love™ - Moving From Relationship Breakdown To Breakthrough”, you ride the momentum of working in tandem with other dedicated, exceptional people. The networking and support systems are tremendous.

Freeing yourself actually means finding yourself.

Finding yourself in a safe place within a group of others can be deeply healing.



Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

January 15 : 5-7 MST

January 28 : 5-7 MST

February 12 : 5-7 MST

**Limited to the first 20 People.


I’m Gabriella Taylor, I’ve stayed close to the briny sea air, born along the Coast of Maine. Now the beaches of Malibu are where I call home, with my beloved Nicholas and our sweet felines.

I’m a huge stand for creating a new model for relationship where women are empowered and men are deeply appreciated. A model where relationship is held in such a way that we have the confidence to go out into our world, shine our light and to deeply know that when we go home at night, we will be met by the warm embrace of our beloved.

It all began after an overdose that led to a coma which led to a spiritual awakening which led to my buying an over-sized LL Bean backpack and a one-way ticket to Spain for $300 which began a solo pilgrimage around the world at a time before email or cell phones.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I started my career in India in 1994, where I began immersing myself in the art of transforming consciousness and facilitation training began - with myself as my first true test subject. I dove into deconstructing my entire relationship paradigm and figured out how to rebuild a new one, which allowed me recover from the pain of past sexual abuse, crippling anxiety attacks and fear of abandonment. This process helped me find myself and repair my mistrust with men.

As a high school dropout with a high IQ, I went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology just after the turn of the century.   I developed and founded Extraordinary Love™ transformational educational programs in 2005.

Now, as a Relationship Specialist and Professional Coach, I spend my time serving a handful of highly committed private clients, create personalized retreats in Hawaii, and lead people through The Journey of Extraordinary Love™, which is a sacred developmental educational process that a person moves through in order to grow up, and show up, for love.

In essence, I’ve binged and purged, been abused and misused, been locked up and on lock down. I’ve hooked up and been stood up, messed around and settled down. I’ve begged and pleaded, cried and cheated, chanted and prayed and I know what it takes to rise.

To learn more about Gabriella and your journey of extraordinary love,

please visit