Seane Corn

MONDAY OCTOBER 25, 2016 - 4:30 - 6:30PM

radical healing


Healing happens when we begin to mend the separation in our consciousness between the mind, body and spirit. Understanding this interdependency can radically shift the way we “see” the body, empowering us to support our own health and wellness in a more integrated- and therefore holistic-way, opening us to the love within and beyond. Through yoga, we can explore the mind/body connection, the impact our emotional life has on our health, how to “read” or map the body symbolically, and how to interpret these physiological/emotional messages as spiritual guidance meant to open us to love, acceptance and to appreciate the interconnection that binds us all as one. Join Seane for this unique vinyasa flow master class for all levels to invite radical healing into whatever area of your mind/body needs it most. Some discussion, mostly asana.