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“The Lead With Love Aspen Retreat is amazing on so many levels.  Not only were there diverse and lovely human beings to meet, but the atmosphere was one of connection. Everyone was there to learn, grow, share and support each other.   Gina Murdock and team have done an unbelievable job creating a magical getaway for movement, love, and knowledge.  The lineup of speakers last year was inspiring. This year it is off the hook! I will be attending each year and welcome you to do the same.  Give yourself the gift of Aspen Lead With Love! See you there!”

Leigh Koechner - Parenting Expert and Movie Producer

“Lead for Love hits you at many angles! There are magical speakers, of course, but equally valuable it what happened while at lunch, during dinner events, and even at the airport! Lead with Love descended over the entire town creating a perfect vortex for synchronistic meetings and profound connections. When this many people converge to discuss love and leadership, powerful shifts are given a stage on which they can occur and people naturally align with those they are supposed to meet.”

Joanne Mennon - Business leader and facilitator



“If you are looking to receive a spiritual refresh nestled in the beautiful valleys in and around Aspen, look no further than the Lead with Love Retreat! From life-rejuvenating yoga sessions, to practical spiritual and life applications, you will leave knowing more of who you truly are and feeling ready to tackle any opportunity that life brings your way...so what are you waiting for?!”

Jamie Adasi - Professional counselor

"Attending the Lead with love summit last year was an eye opening experience on top of being fun and authentic. From the yoga sessions to the speakers, the attendees, the food, the spirit, the surroundings, everything was amazing. The session with Dr Ron and Mary Hulnick particularly blew me away.

I loved the way they helped us explore our own fears, hope, gifts and share them in a honest, open way with other attendees. I could have signed up for a full year of this! I came to Paris -yes, Paris, 🇫🇷 - slightly different, enlightened, refreshed, reconciled, and pumped up. A unique, transformational experience I highly recommend."

Claire Derville -  Freelance Journalist, Paris, France



"Lead with Love was such a magical event.  Throughout the 4 days, I came more into my body, my heart and my voice.  I left feeling confident to speak up for what I believe in, inspired to share more love with the world, and feeling full and alive from the new friendships that were created.  If you need a "reboot" in your life and wellbeing, I cannot recommend this inspirational event enough!  This event WILL change your life, so that in return you will be able to help inspire and change the lives of those around you."

Elsie Storm,  Transformational Life Coach

"Lead with Love was a phenomenal event. There were world-class instructors and speakers, and I could feel myself growing as my idea of 'what is possible in life' was stretched, challenged and inspired. Thank you to The Aspen City of Wellbeing for curating a selection of leading-edge thinkers, feelers, and healers. What was most inspiring was the unwavering mentality that each one of could bring this magic and inspiration home to our own communities and families. I am so grateful."

Louis Amoroso Business Exec and Tour Guide


"LWL is like a much needed bath for the soul. Day after day, we are reminded how to stop making choices from fear and to continue making choices from intuition, compassion, kindness, and authenticity.  Over 9 months later, I still come back to this message from speaker Stephen McGhee almost daily: provided you're not hurting anyone, there's only one person you need to impress. And that person is you. And once I gave myself that permission, opportunities and experiences have flown my way, and I feel more connected with the light that lives within us all. I'm so jazzed for LWL 2017.

Lucy Ross - Web designer and video producer

"Lead With Love conference was an exceptional conference filled with inspirational speakers, meaningful content, and plenty of opportunities to network with a community of people doing enriching work in the world. I appreciate the curated leaders sharing what they’ve learned, tangible tips, life skills and practical ways we can incorporate them in our own lives. Participants also enjoyed delicious, healthy gourmet food, yoga with world renown instructors, live music, nature and pathways to drive meaningful change in our own lives. Anyone seeking inspiration, insights, meaning and the opportunity to make a difference in their own lives and communities on a local and global level must attend this conference! "

Lisa Rueff - Entrepreneur, speaker and Yoga Teacher



“Lead with Love was simply SPECTACULAR and from looking at the lineup this year…… I can’t even imagine how great it will be. Everyone involved seems to contribute and work their butts off because they want to truly spread love and help to create more magic here on our little planet. I am super happy and grateful that Lead with Love exists. Thanks, Gina, and your very special team for all you do!!”

Kelly Smith - Founder Center for Living Peace and Living Peace Foundation

“I have been a yoga teacher for ten years, and within that, I have been able to explore many different festivals. Lead With Love (LWL) is unique to other yoga events. The experience was made valuable by the intimate venue and the proximity to the town of Aspen. During the 4-days the event itself felt like a heart centered microcosm for the rest of the world, as we all showed up to experience yoga, presentations, and activities that all had a shared objective to LWL and that we are all in this together. LWL creates a beautiful balance between the physicality of its yoga, the cerebral mind expansion given by its presenters, and the interactive heart centered activities taught through University of Santa Monica (USM). USM offered tangible applications to manifest everything that I was experiencing at LWL into my own life. I felt completely supported as my heart began to expand open through the experiential learning style of the retreat.”