Project Wellbeing


“Project Wellbeing has made yoga and mindfulness accessible to me and my co-workers. It has made a huge difference for me. I really appreciate knowing that my employer supports my health. That is just as important to me as going to class, knowing that my health and wellbeing is valued.” -Tami Kocken / Pitkin County, Community Development Planning

“We do a lot of strenuous activities. We can shovel for 10 hours a day. Our job requires a lot of heavy lifting, running saws, and carrying pipe. You can go home feeling really sore. You can be hurting. Before this program, I've never even thought about stretching. After learning how to stretch with you, I've started stretching in the morning and in the middle of the day, every day. I feel so much better after. Our Project Wellbeing program brings the whole team together, it increases our productivity and it makes our job easier --- it's easier if you are limber and paying attention to what you eat. At first, everyone was really apprehensive and now we all love it. We are literally recharged and it makes us feel better about what we are doing. I can't say enough good things about this.” - Bob Byram, Pitkin County, Public Works

"The summer is a very busy time for me and the Project Wellbeing program helped me cut my day in two, allowing me to focus on myself for a moment. I have issues with my hips, and our facilitator has great hip stretches that have helped me a lot. I feel even taller, longer, more aware.I am more centered, more focused internally after a session. I definitely feel like the Project Wellbeing program has been of benefit for me and my co-workers. We feel it in our day-to-day work." - Raquel Flinker, City Of Aspen, Engineering Department

“My favorite thing was that you all helped me realize that I deserve to be happy and healthy and mindful.” -anonymous

My favorite thing about the LWL program was having a dedicated time at work for wellbeing. Otherwise every minute of every day is scheduled with meetings, planning and teaching with no time for even eating lunch.” -anonymous


“The difference in my body, mind & spirit from the time I arrived, first day, second and third is miracle-like! I had many “aha” moments; I particularly loved: The awareness of the understanding of collecting my energy, learned in day one! The group meditation where we spread love to the world and back to us! Learning about the moon and sun within us. And all the breathing techniques learned.” -Monica Cortes

“I can now utilize what I learned about yoga and meditation in my daily life and as desired in a way that is completely beneficial to my own wellbeing.” -anonymous

“The Lead with Love Bali retreat created connection. Connection with others and connection with myself. The sacred, safe place allowed and encouraged me to realize and verbalize things I have chosen not to confront in my life. Knowing that there is a group of people around me, supporting me and calling me to become my highest self, allowed me to drop the judgement, the self doubt and the feeling of incompetence so that I could really shine.” -anonymous




“I came to Lead with Love last year and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was blown away by the intimate setting and focus on HOW to lead with love- both personally AND professionally. I believe in conscious capitalism and I look forward to bringing my team back this year for inspiration & connection on how to lead with love within our own industry!” -Tyler Moebius 

 “I'm leaving this years lead with love summit with added skills and tools as well as a newly accessed level of integrity and commitment and to show up on this planet for my self and others with a higher level of consciousness to be the light and elevate all of humanity in ways i never imagined possible." - Ken Fisher

“Lead with Love is an incredible gathering of human beings who are committed to leading from a place of love as we navigate today's world and our daily relationships. We all need to feel supported in these steps that we take, and the lead with love conference provides positive, realistic, and inspiring levels of support that we can take with us into the world.” - Kristina Eeller 

“Lead with Love Summit is the most inspiring event I have attended this year. Their mission to shift culture from fear to love is both ambitious and inspiring - and taking the deep dive into conscious living, even just for one long weekend, is sure to touch your heart and shift your soul. If you have the opportunity to dip your toe in - whether for a community event, a retreat, or for the annual summit - do it! It will light you up like no other...” -Kelly Hollins

“For the rest of my life, in business and personally, i will be grateful for my experience at lead with love. Finding like-minded leaders, learning to develop our business with intention, ensuring my emotional iq continues to grow, engaging in conscious capitalism, and that was just day one!” - Sydney Schalit

“Lead with Love brings all of the things I love to do together. Service, action, yoga, mindfullnes, relationships. It is truly inspiring to listen to what change makers are doing around the world. The workshops leave me with tools and more information on how to follow up. Every year i leave feeling blown away and excited to share.” - Sea Marie

“Lead with Love is an event in a class of its own. It can not be compared to anything else. The intimacy of the event and energy of the community had a profound effect on me and greatly shaped the expansiveness of my experience.“ -anonymous

" I came for professional development and I left with a clearer understanding of how I can make a positive impact." -Barbara Lish

“Lead with Love offered me the opportunity to discover how other business owners concerned with culture based business practices are succeeding. This is about creating a forum for conscious leadership.”

“Attending Lead with Love by Aspen City of Wellbeing was the best thing I did with my staff this year! This weekend was an affirmation of the work that we are doing and a learning experience in how we can do it better.”

“One thing I learned is that I Lead with Love but I haven't really loved myself. I am stressed a lot, I am overwhelmed, and probably due to not nurturing myself. That is really going to show up in my work. I have learned from all these masters that I must also take care of myself to really Lead with Love.“

“This weekend has been life-altering transformative, because I have realized to deeply listen to pay attention, to see the truth in everyone and be accepting of it. Being judgemental narrows my focus and does not allow me to be open. Lead with Love has been a HUGE gift.” 

Community Events

“I admire so much what Lead With Love is doing in our community. None of us should ever have to live through life alone. The space was nurturing and the teachers/healers were quality, authentic humans. Please continue doing what you’re doing!”

“Thank you for infusing our community with love and mindfulness!”

“This was a great opportunity to meet like minded people in a fun environment. I will definitely attend again!”

“Lead With Love is the embodiment of the Aspen Mind-Body-Spirit ideal”

“Gina and her team embodied Leading with Love, leading by example which both inspired and softened my heart’

“The Lead With Love pop-up at the Wheeler was a great way to start the summer season in Aspen. The morning yoga and meditation offered me a chance to recharge, and the lunch time conversations reconnected me with the community (even my own coworkers!).”

“Great experience! Felt so peaceful and calm in the space. Excellent, experienced presenters were brought in. Everyone was so welcoming and interested in improvement of the planet. A wonderful pop-up. Definitely will attend ones in the future”

“Thank you for keeping this conversation active in Aspen - love and connection are so important for our well being. Even in our tiny community, I've felt a bit disconnected at times; this pop-up and this organization remind me that the resources to "reinvest" in myself, others, and town are right here!