The Cause

You are what you eat! Lead with Love is a heart-centered, social impact organization committed to shifting culture from fear to love. As a registered Aspen, Colorado based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Lead with Love is dedicated to being of service and giving back wherever we offer our programs and retreats. We are delighted to support Les Loups Bio in Burgundy, France to preserve a way of life where (wo)man and nature live in harmony and balance. The philosophy of Les Loups Bio is to follow nature, follow the seasons and to give back to the earth what we took from her. We ate from this incredible vegetable garden throughout our retreat! Food is medicine and supporting farmers who are walking the talk is so important. A portion of proceeds were donated to make this wonderful project, started by Théo and Celine Loubet, more sustainable by purchasing tools and cultivating seeds. Les Loups Bio is a small operation with a dream of creating a “Farm School” in the region to continue to cultivate the sustainable permaculture practices that bring these vibrant vegetables to many restaurants and families in the area. Our intention at Lead with Love is to help Les Loups Bio move forward with the school and support their work.