We have currently filled all of our volunteer positions. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please contact our Event Director, Heather Morrow, HERE.


Thank you for your interest in being a part of the LEAD WITH LOVE TEAM!

As a volunteer, you are an essential part of the Lead with Love Experience. We call our volunteers LOVE NINJAS because they represent our values in a way that is intentional and covert. People may not know why they feel different at Lead with Love, but they do, and the reason is you.

Want to be a LOVE NINJA? This experience will move you and change you. Here’s why:

You’ll have an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself; this is a movement and you’re in at the ground level providing foundational support. As a volunteer at Lead with Love you are serving the non-profit org Aspen City of Wellbeing sharing our mission to shift culture toward an optimal state of wellbeing for all. Please check out our programs to see what we do and the people we serve. By supporting us, you are supporting the essential service workers in Aspen and beyond and helping to build a sense of purpose and connection in our community and beyond (our intention is for this movement to grow, and grow, and grow to include many more cities of wellbeing.)

You will be surrounded by like minded souls and directly contribute to the success, mood, and meaning of the experiential retreat. You will meet and mingle with people who share your passion for yoga, music, health, spirituality, soul-centered living and being joyful. You become, in effect, an ambassador for this movement. How do you do that? Simply by leading with LOVE. If this is something you can do, read on.

Lead with Love Volunteers will “hold the space” for this four day event and will also have the opportunity to take classes from world renowned yoga teachers, study from the most extraordinary minds and hearts on the planet, and dance, sing and give and receive countless heartfelt hugs!

LWL volunteer “Love Ninjas” will trade their service and be invited to participate in all events when space is available and when they are not needed elsewhere. Your volunteer coordinator will make expectations clear so your free time is yours and work time is dedicated and whole-hearted. We are NOT interested in investing our time in training people who are not committed to service and honoring their word.

You have the opportunity to give back in the spirit of SEVA (selfless service) and by contributing to something that will transform lives, including your own.

You are part of a tribe (The Love Ninjas) that gathers throughout the year offering support and service to each other and the community. We are not just building an event and a volunteer squad, we are building a movement and those of you inspired by our mission and vision are an integral part of it. If you choose to invest fully, the connections you make here will last. Meaningful and purposeful relationships are one of the KEY factors in wellbeing according to Dr. Dan Siegel.

You will receive great blessings, recognition and honor for your loving gifts including a LOVE NINJA post Lead with LOVE celebration hosted by Aspen City of Wellbeing.

“All that sounds great!”, you say. Here is what we need from you:

You need to be available from Wednesday, October 25th through Monday, October 30, 2017.

We require that you work minimum 15 hours between Oct 25-30 on tasks and a schedule that you agree to in advance.

As a representative of Aspen City of Wellbeing and Lead with Love, we ask that you are friendly, helpful and seek opportunities to be of service throughout all your time at the retreat, even lending a helpful hand or answer when you are not scheduled.

It is necessary that you attend one of our two orientation meetings in October. Dates to be sent in September.

You will be added to a text group for general requests as needed as we get closer to the event. You are only asked to respond when you are able to help.

There is a $100 Volunteer Pass required to become an ACW Lead with Love Volunteer. This fee reserves your space on our Volunteer team as well as providing t-shirts, deliciously nutritious food throughout the event and administration fees. Investing in this pass helps cover some of our costs, and shows your commitment to the event and movement. It costs us $120 per person, per day just to host an event at Aspen Meadows whether you are a volunteer or a paying guest. That means we invest a total of $480 on your behalf to host you as a volunteer. A full event pass costs $900 which does not cover all of our costs either (presenter fees and expenses, admin, marketing, etc) so volunteers are essential to our success. We think it’s important that you have some idea of what goes into making an event like this work.

LWL is magical. We have a lot of interest from volunteers. Once all tasks are filled, we will add potential volunteers to a waiting list.

Volunteers are will be responsible for their own lodging and transportation.

We ask that volunteers eat after participants to make sure there is enough. We will always make sure you are fed during your shifts.