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Gabriella Taylor had a spiritual awakening when she awoke from the coma that transformed her entire life after a wild ride of eating disorders, drugs, mental institutes, suicide attempts, sex abuse, and an overdose that led to a near death experience.  This defining experience led her on a lengthy pilgrimage around the world in which she learned firsthand what it takes to rise beyond a life of limitation into a life of love.

Since 1994, she has been serving within the transformational industry as a Professional Life Coach and Relationship Guide.

She developed what’s known as The Journey of Extraordinary Love, which is an experiential process where a woman of any age evolves into creating deeply satisfying relationships, beginning with herself.

This pyscho-spiritual approach restores a woman to the central authority within her life—connecting with her essential goodness.

Her private practice is a sanctuary located in an enchanted garden in sunny Malibu, CA. She has completed a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she holds certification as a Professional Life Coach, as well as multiple certifications in the healing arts and serves as an ordained Minister.  She is joyfully partnered with the extraordinary love of her life, Nicholas.