Gina Murdock

Founder, Aspen City of Wellbeing™

Gina's intention in her life and as a teacher is to do the work that needs to be done to clear this vessel, this channel, so she can more fully surrender to the divine intelligence of the Universe that moves through all of us. This is truly humbling and the reason that Gina teaches and lives. Life is about learning and evolving; she uses yoga as a tool for transformation as a teacher and a student in every moment. It is with a true sense of reverence that she passes on teachings that have helped to liberate her both physically and emotionally. It is a calling, deep in Gina's heart, to serve in this capacity.

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Jerry Murdock

Retired Managing Director and Co-Founder, Insight Venture Partners; Trustee, The Aspen Institute

Jerry Murdock is a co-founder of Insight Venture Partners. He has invested in many startups like Twitter, Snapchat, Nest, Flipboard, and Docker. Murdock also serves as a member on the Board of Trustees for the Santa Fe Institute which is a multi-disciplinary research and education center, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, and the Aspen Institute.

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Leigh Koechner

Leigh Koechner leads SoulfulLeigh Inspired Workshops, she is a stand-up comic, and is currently developing for television.  Leigh has her Masters in Spiritual Psychology, but is most excited about being married to her beloved, David Koechner, and raising their 5 beautiful children in the City of Angels.

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Muffy Disabatino

Founder of the Shakti Foundation

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Ghandi

The Shakti Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that facilitates inspirational and educational benefits assisting people to re-connect with their innate wisdom, creativity, wellness and intuition. Our goal is to empower individuals and assist them in making positive, conscious changes in their own lives that will then ripple out to benefit their families, their communities and the world.

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Poonacha Machaiah

Co-Founder & CEO - Jiyo
Board of Advisors - The Chopra Foundation

Poonacha Machaiah has over 20 years of global experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and business leader in Fortune 100 companies. Poonacha is among the new breed of emerging social entrepreneurs who are using approaches from the commercial world and employing technology to tackle social and environmental problems. Today he is levering his vast global experience and technology domain expertise to bring to communities transformative educational solutions and ubiquitous access to the masses via mobility.

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Barbara Baldieri March

Barbara Baldieri March is Co-Founder and CEO of March to the Top, an organization that seeks to provide resources and guidance to non-profits across Africa. Through the Foundation, she has invested in health, education and conservation programs that empower local individuals and transform communities. She is driven by an unwavering desire to be of compassionate service to those less fortunate.

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DJ Bhakti Styler

Resident DJ for LEAD WITH LOVE Retreat.

DJ Bhakti Styler began focusing his attention on bringing Bhakti style beats straight to the heart of yogis in the high mountains of Colorado. DJ Bhakti Styler has been to both coasts, taken many classes, workshops, and attended numerous music and yoga gatherings. He has found his utmost inspiration from Urban Flow, Laughing Lotus, and his hometown Aspen Shakti Shala Studio. As a daily student of asana flow and a devout lover of music, he pairs beats to breath to inspire presence among his fellow students. DJ Bhakti Styler has dj-ed the Denver Chant Festival, Wanderlust Colorado, and numerous homegrown workshops including Equinox/Solstice Flows plus FM Flow™, a staple among the residents of the Aspen valley. Expect a well rounded playlist of songs to sing, sweat, and dance to with prolific music for moving your body through meditation, dance, and spiritual influences.

Music is Life, Celebrate it! 

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Jess Ewart

Director, Aspen City of Wellbeing™

Jess is an eternal scholar of philosophy and knows that her life's mission is to share what she has learned with all who seek a way out of suffering and toward radical freedom. It is her immeasurable joy to decode the revolutionary, ancient teachings of yoga sages and transmit them in a way that is accessible and relevant to modern living. With reverence, humor, and hope, Jess aspires to aid in creating a world where her daughter, her daughter's peers, and future generations can know peace, equanimity, and contentment.

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Jayne Gottlieb

founder, Aspen Shakti Shala Yoga Studio

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful creatrice.  She is a yoga/meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur, dancer, yogini, and consciousness mentor who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health and inspires positivity for a lifestyle. 

Joyful, deep, inspiring and excitedly intense, Jayne draws on her always evolving knowledge of the body, her own study of spiritual psychology, yoga, ancient wisdom and ritual, and her 20 plus years of dance and movement to challenge and encourage transformation in students and clients from the inside out. 

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Skippy Mesirow

FOUNDER AND chair, aspen nextgen

The world changes for the better every day. Skippy feels this in his core and devotes his time to helping bend that arc, expanding to many the good fortunes he has been afforded. A biological optimist, an adventurer at heart, a traveler by luck, and a politico by birth; he has explored numerous ways to impact people's lives for the better.

A former pro athlete who has worked for our president, a failed entrepreneur, and non-profit director turned Aspen organizer, he has seen and learned a lot, and now focuses those lessons, experiences, and skill sets to improve his community. Founder and Chair of Aspen Next Generation Advisory Commission, Co-Chair of Aspen Entrepreneurs, Co-Chair of Planning & Zoning Commission, writer and adventurist. Each day he wakes up and thinks…What’s Next?

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Lisa Rueff

Founder of YogaVentures, Tour Director and Adventure Seeker

Lisa has been leading international trips for over 15 years. She’s raised over a million dollars for global causes, focusing on sustainable solutions for women and children. Lisa founded and built a 12,000 sq ft. permanent home and school for children in Jacmel, Haiti called The Jacmel Children's Center. She helped build a free medical clinic called Angel Wings International, and often works with Faith and Love Orphanage and Art Creation Foundation For Children in Haiti. Lisa has been featured and published in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Origin Magazine, The Examiner, Marin Magazine, Ode and more. She has served as an Ambassador for Lululemon and A Circle of Grace Member at Zobha. Most recently, Lisa created the uplifting board game, SPARKED. 

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Stephen McGhee

owner of stephen mcghee leadership

Stephen is an International Keynote Speaker, Author of three books on Leadership, his latest being “Get Real” A Vital Breakthrough on Your Life and Leadership and a Visionary Guide to highly influential leaders across the globe. With a background in finance and a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology, you will immediately experience the diversity in his presence. Additionally, Stephen is on the faculty at the University of Santa Monica, where he teaches Soul Centered Leadership, as one of his favorite topics. 

He believes that theory will only take us so far in our own human evolution. Therefore, Stephen leads programs of an experiential nature such as the Aconcagua Man Project, which later became a highly acclaimed documentary film, entitled Climb to Freedom. This film chronicles the transformation of seven men on a yearlong journey to climb a high mountain, and bring the application of that experience back to their lives and relationships. 

Stephen believes that the easiest thing we can do, is to be ourselves and that true leadership invokes a spiritual presence that is greatly needed in the challenges of today’s life and business environment. He is one that does not believe in modern day guru’s but rather a man that shares his own life experience and learning’s to assist others in up-leveling their own.

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