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End of Year Giving


People are experiencing too much fear. We see this expressed through separation, violence, oppression, greed, depression and suicide. Lead with Love is training leaders techniques to address fears and move forward with love.

Support Lead with Love to help us continue our:

  • Subsidized wellbeing programs

  • Experiential summits and other events

  • Online and in person leadership trainings

All donations of $100 or more will be gifted a

Lead with Love Daily Journal

Every dollar up to $5,000 will be matched!!

Lead With Love Summit is the most inspiring event I have attended this year. Their mission to shift culture from fear to love is both ambitious and inspiring - and taking the deep dive into conscious living, even just for one long weekend, is sure to touch your heart and shift your soul.
— Kelly Hollins



Love Note Portraits For the LOVE


Did you enjoy the Love Notes experience as much as we loved offering it?

We hope so!

To download your photos, please show the love with a donation so we can continue community offerings like this. Even a dollar makes a difference when you add them all up!

Upon donating, you will receive an email to download your portrait.