The 2018 Lead with Love Summit was the global gathering and training for heart-centered leaders featuring movement, meditation, conscious capitalism, time in nature, experiential & immersive workshops & talks, music, art and a renewed focus on social impact & business as a force for good!



John Mackey :: Lynne Twist :: Rod Stryker :: Rudolph Tanzi :: Bob Chapman :: Jean Oelwang :: Suzanne Sterling :: Raj Sisodia :: Rosie Acosta :: Jamie Adasi :: Aerin Alexander :: Stephen Attenborough :: Ksenia Avdulova :: Stephanie Carter :: Jeff Cole :: Kevin Courtney :: Ants Cullwick :: Alexandra Elman :: Jess Ewart :: House Of the Gipsies :: Jayne Gottlieb :: Sarah Herron :: Christina Jade :: Juquille Johnston :: Cynthia Kersey :: Aaron King :: Leigh Koechner :: Lori Kret :: Julie Levin :: Raheem Lewis :: Jaytaun McMillan :: Tyler Mobius :: Heather Morrow :: Dan Mullally :: Gina Murdock :: Jerry Murdock :: Amanda Nguyen :: Beth Mobilian :: Lindsay Patterson :: Gillian Pierce :: Miles Reid :: TL Robinson :: Amber Ryan :: Jai Dev Singh :: Evan Soroka :: Gina Stryker :: Matthew Tenzin :: Kip Tindell. Alison Tomlinson :: Stacy Tucker :: Ashley Turner :: Sara Vetter :: Chris Waddell :: Billy Weisman :: Steev Wilson :: Ajume H. Wingo, and Paul Young


Movement + Meditation

Yoga, meditation and dance were led by Rod Stryker :: Ashley Turner :: Suzanne Sterling :: Kevin Courtney :: Amber Ryan :: Evan Soroka :: Aaron King :: Jayne Gottlieb :: Heather Morrow :: Gina Murdock and Juquille Johnston :: Raheem Lewis :: and Jaytaun McMillan of The Urban Yogis.


A huge thank you to the House of the Gipsies :: Gabriele Savarese :: Daniel Chazarreta :: Eden Vardy and Suzanne Sterling for their beautiful live music throughout the event and for Kevin Joyal :: DJ Bahkti Styler and Amber Ryan, for keeping the DJ vibes high!


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Thank You to Maker + Place, Pink Money Solutions, and Gold Leaf for the amazing set design!

And all our additional sponsors including, Unself :: Almēda Labs :: Aspen Chamber :: Dotopia :: Koru :: Coventure :: aspen Creek Investments :: JP's Peace Love And Happiness Foundation :: Diamante Travel :: Heal the Planet :: Ampcoil :: O2 Aspen :: Mass Eden :: Amoré Realty :: Ohana :: Kailo :: Alter Eco :: Ethan’s :: Brew Dr. Kombucha :: Wise Bar :: Noosh :: Siete :: Guayki Yerba Mate :: Suja :: Emmys :: Farm Fresh Clothing :: Colorado Mountain College :: Mountain Flowers :: Bouqs :: Alpine Bank :: Elk Club :: Jun :: Carolyns Flowers and Active Soul



Action Center

New this year the Action Center, a physical space for attendees to take their inspiration and put it into action, with the themes of Give, Vote, Volunteer.

Over $5,000 was donated through microgiving, 102 people confirmed as registered voters, and 123 attendees pledged to volunteer. 

Thank you to Unself, Dotopia, Give a Flake, and Yes on 2a for being the hub of the Action Center

Thank you to Silver & Sage, Four Sigmatic, DIO Candles, Bare Republic, Wallaroo Hats, Good Clean Love, and Surya for donated prizes for the actions!

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Conscious Capitalism

We are excited to announce the Roaring Fork Valley Conscious Capitalism Chapter was officially formed in collaboration with Coventure and Koru during this years Summit with both co-founders of the Conscious Capitalism movement present, John Mackey + Raj Sisodia.

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Thank you to everyone on Team Lead with Love :: Gina Murdock :: Abby Stern :: Nicole Lindstrom :: Peter Ward :: Elsie Storm :: Jonny Ramos :: Jess Ewart :: Julia Hedman :: Lucy Ross :: Alexis Ahrling :: Skyler Greene :: Kerry Schmidt :: Chelsea Dillion

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Thank you to all who volunteered their time to make this event possible.

Cecilia Warchol :: Lucia Jayne :: Joanie Clingan :: Mandy Muenzer :: Louis Amoroso :: Tina Meyers :: Mercedes Brown :: Karen Stern :: Julia Lee :: Bridget Boyle :: Antonella Bonfiglio :: Erin Leighty :: Luann Robinson-Hull :: Carol Myers :: Robert Schueler :: Linda Domino :: Linda Osterberg :: Annie Sutherland Watts :: Brian Grosso :: Karen Morian :: Rana Mansour :: Rachael Sudhalter :: Jessica Emmerson :: David Berkson :: Michelle Bersani :: Holly Shald :: Elyse Dolde :: Katherine Kaufman :: Bridget Bradford :: Betsy Sheridan :: Brenda Moen :: Hannah Strianese :: Carlee Chiate :: Laura Redl :: Alia Steglinski :: Desiree Iacono :: Mary Sue :: Sunny Redmond :: Autumn White :: Wesley Jacobs Brown :: Amanda Maclean :: Alina Hokanson :: Sarah Overbeck :: Sam Ferguson :: James Chandler :: Jagar Mellencamp :: Luke Dahlgren :: Zeke Hall

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For the Third time, Lead With Love was held at the Doerr Hosier Center of the Aspen Meadows Resort, home of the Aspen Institute.

A huge thank you goes out to Rachel Butler, Catering and Conference Services Manager,  Bill Haden for the Audio Visual Support and to the rest of the Aspen Meadows Resort staff for excellent service. 




Thank you again to the Living Peace Foundation and Kelly Hallman for making the 2018 Scholarships a reality!

Scholarship recipients include Devonna Bell :: Kalya Bradham :: Jessica Chilton :: Holly Coleman :: Hilary Cooper :: Electra Currier :: Carly Gaffey :: Kelly Hollins :: Sarah Hubbard :: Wynn Jones :: Jen Odegaard :: Courtney Sanders :: Darby Shier :: Erik Skarvan :: Sarah Uhl :: Manuela Welton :: Kim Youngren

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Thank you for all your support and helping to spread the word!

Aspen Real Life :: Lululemon :: Aspen Entrepreneurs :: Hanuman Festival :: Aspen Business Luncheon :: Aspen Community Foundation :: Parayoga :: Jaywalker Lodge :: Aspen Center for Environmental Studies :: Aspen Animal Shelter :: Live Loud T-Shirt Company :: Wellness For Humanity Foundation :: Aspen Hope Center :: Stephen McGhee Leadership :: Pathfinders Aspen :: Mawas :: Outdoor Voices :: Prana :: Aspen Shakti :: King Yoga :: Pachamama Alliance :: Conscious Capitalism :: Explore Book Store :: Margot Elena

River Morgan :: Antonella Bonfiglio :: Sarah Sanders :: Eliza Demarest :: Sea Marie Biladeau :: Kiley Rae :: PJ Murray :: Shayne Morgan :: Courtney Smith :: Monica Cortes :: Maja Muric :: Ashley Tracey :: Claudia Cunningham :: Emily Hightower :: Holly Odneal :: Jeff Cole :: Lori Kret :: Brittany Buffalino :: Cara Mialo

Strategic Partners + Ambassadors

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Photos + Video Social

For more photos from Lead With Love check out our Facebook Album. 

More info coming soon on how you can watch the video recordings from the Summit!

Get Even more photos, videos and sound bites by following us on our social channels @ileadwithlove and #ileadwithlove

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“I'm leaving this years Lead With Love Summit with added skills and tools as well as a newly accessed level of integrity and commitment and to show up on this planet for my Self and others with a higher level of consciousness to be the light and elevate all of humanity in ways I never imagined possible." - Ken Fisher

“Lead With Love is an incredible gathering of human beings who are committed to leading from a place of love as we navigate today's world and our daily relationships. We all need to feel supported in these steps that we take, and the Lead With Love conference provides positive, realistic, and inspiring levels of support that we can take with us into the world.” - Kristina Weller 

“For the rest of my life, in business and personally, I will be grateful for my experience at Lead with Love. Finding like-minded leaders, learning to develop our business with intention, ensuring my emotional IQ continues to grow, engaging in conscious capitalism, and that was just day one!” - Sydney Schalit

“Lead with love brings all of the things I love to do together. Service, Action, Yoga, Mindfullnes, Relationships. It is truly inspiring to listen to what change makers are doing around the world. The workshops leave me with tools and more information on how to follow up. Every year I leave feeling blown away and excited to share.” - Sea Marie

“I have taught meditation, yoga, alternative approaches to health care for over 45 years. I don't usually find any benefit in seminars like this, but I was pleasantly surprised at how deeply nourishing and impacting the Lead With Live Summit was. I had some deep insights which lead to long standing issues being resolved. I also left the conference stoked to activate various ways I can move my own toolbox of knowledge,information and techniques along to others!! I am deeply grateful for the experience I had at the Summit, the authentic like minded souls I connected with who really walk their talk. The staff, the presenters, the whole organization gets high marks From this attendee.”

“I wasn’t sure why I was attending LWL, I was just drawn to it. I’m so glad I listened to my gut. It was the most inspiring, fun, loving, & life altering 4 days of my life. Thank you Lead with Love, for helping others to be the change!” - Laura E.

“Lead with Love Summit is the most inspiring event I have attended this year. Their mission to shift culture from fear to love is both ambitious and inspiring - and taking the deep dive into conscious living, even just for one long weekend, is sure to touch your heart and shift your soul. If you have the opportunity to dip your toe in - whether for a community event, a retreat, or for the annual summit - do it! It will light you up like no other...” -Kelly Hollins

“I had an amazing experience at Lead with Love and felt that the production and quality of presenters was top notch. I loved the combination of mindfulness and business, and the focus on giving people resources to take more action. I will definitely be back next year!” -Lindsay Balgooyen

"When people ask me "how was Lead with Love?" my answer is TRANSFORMATIVE! I cannot express the overall shift in consciousness that is cultivated at this event. Truly a life changing experience. I left the summit not only with a full heart but a beautiful network of new friends." Ashley Tracey

“I was unsure of Lead With Love as it felt a bit new-age in the initial branding; alas, the lessons were legit, the takeaways tangible and the longlasting effects of the mindful work shared and done at LWL will impact my business and my personal life. I'm grateful for the opportunity and look forward to what is next for LWL.”