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3 Part Series

Opening to Extraordinary Love: Moving From Relationship Breakdown to Breakthrough

COST: $150

*Early Bird price available until Dec 31st

Opening to Extraordinary Love: Moving From Relationship Breakdown to Breakthrough is a 6 week online coaching program for a small group of highly evolved men and women, whether single or in relationship, designed to transform your biggest relationship challenge.

Over the course of 3 in-depth sessions, Gabriella Taylor, Founder of Extraordinary Love™, will walk you through the key steps that lead to a breakthrough so you are more available for the love and intimacy you seek.


Share the Warmth Clothing Drive

Donations Collected until February 1st

We live in a time where we are divided, in our minds & hearts, & more than ever by our borders. Border security is important & we at Lead with Love are not making a political statement, but a moral one. The right to live a life of safety and dignity is not equal for all. Today, men, women and children are fleeing their homes and everything they know south of our border with hopes of survival and a brighter future for their children.

In the face of the unknown, we know that we have a choice and at Lead With Love, we choose to turn towards those who are suffering and to lean in, even when we aren’t exactly sure how.

Monetary contributions, gift cards, clothing, hygiene products, and accessories are greatly appreciated by refugee families. Often they are traveling with just the clothing on their back and will be heading to colder climates.